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Our Mission:

Teach Better.

The Positive Classroom offers strategies and resources to make classrooms better places for students.

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Our Mission

Teachers make the world a better place. The Positive Classroom offers ways to make teaching more satisfying, joyful, and effective so the world can be that way, too.


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Are you looking for support to improve classroom management and instruction? Trying to help other teachers? Looking for texts for teacher education? We have it all!



The Positive Classroom Books are written for new and practicing teachers. They can also be used as college texts.


From instructional coaching to workshop presentations, Dr. Rand is available for your professional development needs


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Dr. Muriel Rand is a Professor of Early Childhood Education, New Jersey City University where she teaches courses in classroom management, early literacy, developmental theory and research methods. She previous served as the Dean of the College of Education. Dr. Rand has been a preschool teacher, an early childhood music teacher, and a staff and curriculum development consultant to early childhood programs in urban public schools. She is also a prolific grant writer, specializing in funding from the U.S. Department of Education. She holds a Doctorate in Education and a Masters in Social Work from Rutgers University. Her certification include:

New Jersey Elementary School Teacher

New Jersey Nursery School Teacher

New Jersey School Social Worker

New Jersey Licensed Social Worker (LSW)